Want a special one-off Ferrari? The waitlist is 5 years long

by admin July 10, 2019 at 6:38 pm

Ferrari has some rather tall barriers of entry for many of its models, but some of them are simply up to the market to dictate. Case in point: The waiting period for a one-off Ferrari model.

According to report from Autocar on Tuesday, anyone interested in a bespoke Ferrari gets to wait about five years. Enrico Galliera told the website the one-off cars have the longest wait times of any vehicle currently offered, with an average of four to five years. Assuming, of course, you can afford it in the first place.

Ferrari P80/C

Ferrari P80/C

A customer can work with a Ferrari designer through the entire process and receives a completely unique car. He called it the “pinnacle of Ferrari.”

Even if a customer owns a separate model, it’s not guaranteed they’ll be considered for a one-off vehicle. Galliera added that only customers in the company’s pool of top 250 clients or so can request a spot on the waiting list. Even then, Ferrari will still consider the request. The Italian firm has enough resources to build two or three exclusive cars per year without impacting regular production. Ferrari also does this intentionally to ensure the cars are really special and exclusive.

Ferrari P80/C

Ferrari P80/C

One of the most recent projects is the P80/C, which can only be considered a modern-day Sports Prototype. Galliera said there was never any intention to make the car street legal and the sky was the limit. Based on a 488 GT3 race car, the P80/C was developed over three years. The timeframe goes to show how intricate of a process the one-off operations is inside of Ferrari.

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