Vivaldi v1.7 Brings Built-In Screenshot Tool, Better Sound Control for Tabs, and More

by admin February 12, 2017 at 4:56 am

After introducing controls for smart home lighting and tab notifications with its earlier updates, Vivaldi has now introduced a built-in screenshots tool to its browser with its v1.7 update. Interestingly, the screenshot tool allows users to capture even those areas of a webpage that are outside the visibility area. The latest update further brings along better sound control for tabs.

Users can take the screenshot from the browser by using the new camera icon from the status bar or choose the option from the Tools menu. They can also choose a key combination of their choice after assigning the functionality to it from Keyboard settings. Another way of taking the screenshot from Vivaldi browser is by calling up quick commands using F2 or Command key (depending on the platform being used).

On clicking the camera icon from status bar, users are asked whether they want a screenshot of the selected area or the entire webpage. “Another addition to the screenshots functionality is in the Notes panel. Notes, located in the Side Panel, let users annotate webpages and save screenshots for their records. Now it is also possible to capture selected areas of websites and add them to Notes,” Vivaldi said in its release.

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Apart from being able to save the screenshot in PNG or JPEG file format, Vivaldi v1.7 also allows users to copy the screenshot directly to clipboard for usage in the platform of their choice.

The Vivaldi version 1.7 update has further improved the sound control for tabs on the browser as Vivaldi now allows the users to silence all tabs at once with a simple click instead of having to find the tab responsible for the unwanted sound from advertisements or other multimedia content.

Other improvements that come along with the Vivaldi v1.7 update include quicker access to favourite pinned tabs and more instant notifications. The update adds support for native macOS notifications and provides extra warnings for those HTTP websites that request for passwords.

Vivaldi browser’s version 1.7 update is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux on company’s website.

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