Virgin has you covered for the new year with its cut price broadband and TV deals

by admin January 4, 2019 at 12:36 pm

What is the perfect way to start the new year? We would say with a brand new super fast broadband package. Don’t believe us? Well you might change your mind when you see the price cuts Virgin is offering right now. 

Virgin has offered up a little new year’s gift in the form of cutbacks on its top broadband packages. Our standout choice is the VIVID 100 package which has taken a £5 cut to its monthly price which means you now only have to pay £27 a month to get seriously fast speeds of 108Mb. 

Not fast enough? Well Virgin has also dropped the prices of it’s VIVID 200 and VIVID 350 packages which means you can get speeds of all the way up to 362Mb for just £32 a month. That is the fastest available broadband right now and it is seriously speedy.

If you were hoping for some TV with your package then don’t worry, Virgin has you covered there too. It’s Player TV Bundle has dropped in price, now available for £29 a month. That’s average speeds of 54Mb, over 70 channels and the ability to stop, rewind and record live TV.

Finally, there’s the big guns. If you like to go all out on your broadband and TV deals then Virgin’s VIP Bundle could be for you. For £79 a month (that’s £10 a month cheaper than usual) you get Virgin’s ultrafast 362MB speeds, 260 channels including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema and BT Sport in 4K – it doesn’t get better than that. 

Even with these price cuts Virgin still isn’t the cheapest fibre broadband out there, for that head to our best fibre broadband deals page. But keep in mind that no one can quite match Virgin’s ultrafast speeds. 

Virgin’s broadband deals in full:

VIVID 100 | 12 months | 108Mb average speed | Weekend calls | £25 set-up | £32 £27 a month
This is Virgin’s most affordable package and yet it still packs a serious punch. Big average speeds of 108Mb for just £27 a month, this is a very affordable way to get those superfast speeds that Virgin has become famous for. View Deal

VIVID 200 | 12 months | 213Mb average speed | Weekend calls | £25 set-up | £37 £32 a month
If you wanted a slightly faster speed without having to pay through the roof prices this could be the perfect deal for you. 213Mb is an absolutely insane average speed and should mean you never have to face lag or buffering again. View Deal

VIVID 350 | 12 months | 362Mb average speed | Weekend calls | £25 set-up | £42 £37 a month
Here it is, the fastest widely available fibre broadband package and it is £5 a month cheaper than usual right now. 362Mb average speeds mean you can download huge packages like games and HD movies in speeds you’ve never seen before – perfect for those who like lots of media. View Deal

Player Bundle | 12 months | 54Mb average speed | Weekend calls | £25 set-up | £32 £29 a month
Virgin is great for broadband and TV packages and this one is no exception. Considering you’re getting not just super fast fibre broadband but also 70+ channels, the price of £29 a month really is a bargain, especially considering it has been cut down from £32 a month. View Deal

VIP Bundle | 12 months | 362Mb average speed | Weekend calls | £25 set-up | £89 £79 a month
Broadband and TV packages don’t get much more impressive than this. Incredible ultrafast speeds. access to over 260 channels and Sky Sports, BT Sport and Sky Cinema all in 4K HD, if you can stomach that monthly price there really is no package more impressive than this. View Deal

Is Virgin fibre broadband available in my area?

Around 60% of the UK households are now able to receive superfast Virgin broadband. It’s easy to discover whether you’re one of the lucky 3-in-5 – head to our dedicated Virgin broadband deals page (or the price comparison chart at the bottom of this page), enter your postcode where indicated at the top of the page and if deals show as available then you’re laughing.

If no results are returned, then head to our best fibre broadband deals page instead and do exactly the same thing to see whether you can get superfast fibre broadband with another provider, such as BT Superfast.

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