Verizon Launches Google Daydream View Ad: See More Of The VR Headset Before It Rolls Out [Video]

by admin December 12, 2016 at 6:22 am

Verizon’s latest promotional video shows how the Daydream View VR stuns first-time users. The ad, however, focused on the Google Pixel and its top features such as the Google Assistant and its dual-camera technology. 
( Google )

The Google Daydream View VR was launched Oct. 4 and the world has been awaiting it with bated breath since. It is now available for preorder and ships around Nov. 16 and, to rack up more sales, Verizon, the carrier-partner selling the VR headset, has released a promotional video that is certain to add to the excitement of fans.

The video was actually focused more on the Google Pixel. It included a group of train passengers trying out the device along with its features such as the Google Assistant and the Pixel’s widely touted dual camera technology.

The Daydream View VR was only introduced at the end of the video with a woman wearing it for the first time. She can be heard saying, “How is this possible?” It reinforced the ad’s claim that the device provides stunning VR experience.

The Daydream View was only exhibited for a few seconds before the ad closed with a “Buy a Pixel” slogan. Nevertheless, it allowed the public another glimpse of the headset being used in the real world especially with respect to how it works seamlessly with a Google Pixel phone. It is not clear whether Verizon will also roll out a video dedicated to the exclusive promotion of the Daydream View before its public release.