Twitter Killing Off Vine: Goodbye Six-Second Videos

by admin October 27, 2016 at 6:22 pm

The iMac with its beautiful 27-inch high-res screen and minimal design has long been a favorite of many creatives—if not for their studio, then as their home computer. Microsoft’s innovative, beautiful new Surface Studio wants to change all that. It wants to kill the iMac.

The woman known as “Afghan Girl” has been arrested in Pakistan for using a fake identity card and living in the country illegally.

A long time ago I was a young art student, being told about the “Rule Of Thirds.” I was told it’s one of the most important fundamentals of art and photography, as it helps you get the right composition in your images.

French freelance photographer and graphic designer Sebastien Del Grosso has created a series of beautiful artworks based on the Star Wars universe. It might not look like it, but photography played a big role in the project.

The fall colors here in Ohio are at their peak right now, and for most photographers that means it’s time for wide angle photography. Sigma just so happened to send us their new 12-24mm f/4 Art to try out—what great timing.

Several years ago, I bought an old Soviet camera that I found in a London flea market. It cost me £4, so every time I put a roll of film in the camera, it multiplies its cost.

Josh Rossi isn’t just a talented commercial photographer, he’s an awesome dad, too. When his 3-year-old Nellee shared her dream of becoming Wonder Woman, he pulled out all the stops, dropping $1,500 on a custom Wonder Woman costume and creating a killer photo shoot.

We first spotted the Chronos 1.4 homebrew high-speed camera back in September. Now, we get our first real look at this powerful labor of engineering love, which is being hailed as a game-changer for slow motion videography.

Shooting a panoramic timelapse sounds simple enough: just sync two cameras and start shooting, right? Not quite. In fact, the photographer who shot this amazing 10K by 4K panoramic timelapse of LA calls it the most challenging project he’s ever worked on.

Something is off in our modern photographic culture. We’ve lost something. Something… big.

Steve McCurry is, perhaps, one of the most iconic names in the National Geographic pantheon. A travel photography giant, his vibrant images have inspired millions, but he’s recently come under fire over Photoshop use after a botched print at a show in Italy was found to have a serious issue.

Wedding photographers these days often find themselves competing with guests who spend the whole ceremony shooting photos with smartphones, DSLRs, and even tablets. The short film above, titled “Unplugged,” is a parody that shows why couples are sometimes choosing to have an “unplugged” wedding free of these distractions.

Most photographers could work their way through a few terabytes worth of memory cards during a trip to Norway. But when Tom Kluyver decided to join his buddy Chris Konig on a landscape photography adventure, he didn’t pack memory cards. Instead, he brought his panoramic Hasselblad XPan and some Kodak Portra.

Not sure what style of photography is right for you? No worries. Photographer Blake Andrews put together a fun, tongue-in-cheek flowchart that’ll help you figure it out.

There’s hopelessness in Dondi Tawatao’s eyes. The photographer, once a feature photographer in Manila, now spends his nights photographing corpses—documenting the victims of Filipino President Rodrigo Duerte’s ruthless drug war.
(Warning: This video contains graphic content).

The OnePlus 3 smartphone amazed me in many ways. There are many things I love about this phone: from the build quality, to the speed of the Android interface. But the camera is where this phone really shines.

After the success of its Portable Power Outlet, ChargeTech is taking portable battery packs to the next level with its latest product. Called PLUG, it’s being touted as “the world’s most powerful battery pack.”

I will begin by saying that my intention is not to attack Steve McCurry or defame him in any manner. It is only an attempt to clear certain facts that have come to light regarding his work and to also raise certain questions on aspects that may or may not have been missed, but certainly have not been expressed till now… at least not publicly.

Apple just let one of its own secrets slip. The new MacBook Pros are supposed to be announced on Thursday, and it looks like Apple accidentally leaked some photos of the computer and its touch-activated ‘Magic Toolbar.’

These water glass photos are not created in Photoshop. In fact, all photographer Alexandre Watanabe needed to shoot these striking shots was water, two colored plastic sheets, and a little bit of refraction.

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