Top iOS news of the week: Apple Watch bests all others, Google paid Apple a lot of money, smaller iPhone 6 coming

by admin January 23, 2016 at 9:23 pm

Report: Apple Watch has more than half of Smartwatch sales

Industry analyst Juniper Research stated that the Apple Watch has over 52 percent of smartwatch sales in its first year of availability. The report goes on to state that watches with lesser capably don’t do well in the market.

Source: Apple World Today


IOS update speeds up older iPhones

A result of the update to iOS 9.2.1 is faster older iPhones. It is a rarity for OS updates to boost performance on older devices with lesser hardware but Apple has pulled it off.

Source: AppleInsider

Apple paid $1 billion by Google for default search


To keep its search bar as the default on iOS, Google reportedly paid Apple a billion dollars. This offsets the rivalry between iOS and Android somewhat.


MacWorld: No iPhone 6c, 5c coming instead

Instead of releasing an IPhone 6c to extend the model, Macworld is claiming that Apple will produce an upgrade for the iPhone 5. This handset would be a smaller iPhone to appeal to those who want a smaller iPhone.

Source: Macworld

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