Thync Relax: First-Of-A-Kind Wearable for Stress Relief

by admin August 28, 2016 at 3:42 pm

Stress-relief is big business. Like obesity and addiction, stress is a killer, and like anything millions of people struggle with on a daily basis, there’s a fortune to be made in providing a quick fix.

The advent of wearables has drawn a lot of high-tech contenders into the stress-relief market, which is currently dominated by calming pharmaceuticals and elixirs. Some have been smart, others kooky, but none have managed to rival the popularity of a stress-busting beer. Developers on the tech side of the equation know that may change as consumer willingness to adopt new technologies begins to overlap with growing health consciousness.

In 2011, Isy Goldwasser, a serial entrepreneur and inventor with a background in chemical engineering, teamed up with a group of neuroscientists and engineers from Harvard and MIT to create a consumer grade Transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) device, a technology originally developed to help patients with brain injuries and depressive disorders.

Four years of research and development yielded the Thync System: a conductive neck strip, forehead module and smartphone app that a wearer could use to control his or her stress, energy and relaxation levels. By gearing the Thync System toward consumer wellness rather than medical applications, Goldwasser and his team got a pass on the rigorous, time-consuming FDA pre-market clearance process required for medical devices.

Last year, backed by an Arizona State University study that deemed the (tES) technology employed by Thync System to be safe, the team brought the Thync System to market via the Thync company website and other online outlets at a retail cost of $299. The subsequent customer reviews have been mixed.