This Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal gets you six months at an amazing price

by admin December 14, 2019 at 3:49 pm

You can get three months free with this Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal, simply purchase a standard price $44.99 three month subscription to Game Pass Ultimate and Walmart will double your months for free! At $7.49 a month, you’re getting a half-price deal on Xbox’s most expensive (but oh so alluring) membership to date. 

Game Pass Ultimate works to combine the online Live Gold service with the wildly popular game subscription library, Game Pass. You’re getting access to exclusive discounts, a massive library of amazing free games (to which Microsoft will now be adding their first-party titles on day one), and the ability to play online with one easy to manage subscription. 

The best Game Pass Ultimate deal

If you’ve never used Game Pass Ultimate before, stop what you’re doing. Walmart is also running the same offer on their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. That means you can pick up a three-month Live Gold deal for just $24.99, get another three months free, and then convert it to Game Pass Ultimate with the handy Xbox trick of the year. This can only be done by those new to Ultimate, so unfortunately if you’re just looking to top up your months, you won’t be able to take advantage.

But how?

Xbox is currently running a promotion in which first-time users can try Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 – the punch line is that when this is activated on an account that has Xbox Live Gold months already stored up, those months are automatically converted to the premium service. Make sure you’ve activated your Live Gold months before you sign up for the $1 trial and once you do, you’ll watch all those cheap months you paid for magically turn into a glorious Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This way, you’re essentially picking up six months of Game Pass Ultimate for $24.99 – just $4 a month.

The trick is fully endorsed by Xbox, who are encouraging their punters to take advantage of the deal for as long as possible, though you’ll only be able to stack your months until June 2021.

Today’s best Game Pass Ultimate deals

Six months Game Pass Ultimate | $44.99 at Walmart
If you’ve already used Game Pass Ultimate before, and therefore can’t make the most of the Xbox Live Gold hack, this is the cheapest way to secure six more months of the service. This is a buy one get one free Game Pass Ultimate deal on three month top-up cards from Walmart. View Deal

Today’s best Xbox Live Gold deals

Six months Xbox Live Gold | $24.99 at Walmart
This buy one get one free on three month Xbox Live Gold cards doubles up as a great Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal if you’ve not tried the service before. That’s thanks to the handy trick in which Xbox automatically converts all pre-existing Live Gold months on an account into Ultimate months when the $1 trial begins.
View Deal

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