This LEGO Hasselblad Camera Could One Day Hit Store Shelves

by admin June 17, 2018 at 1:19 pm

Taiwan-based photographer, designer, and LEGO builder Helen Sham has created an incredibly realistic Hasselblad 503CX medium format film camera using LEGO blocks. And with your help, the design could one day become an official LEGO kit on store shelves.

“I Lego-designed this camera because I am also a photographer and this camera has been one of my favorites,” Sham writes. “I love the manual mechanisms of this particular camera very much.”

Not only does the LEGO camera look like the Hasselblad 503CX on the outside, but the interior mechanics are true to form as well.

You can actually frame a scene through the folding waist-level viewfinder thanks to a glass piece Sham added to the lens.

Features include a mirror, a frame counter, a film winder (yes, you can load real film into the camera), and a spring-based shutter button (for a realistic feel).

The main components of the camera can be taken apart.

Here’s a 2-minute video in which Sham walks through the features of the camera: