This $15 accessory will transform the look of your Amazon Dot

by admin November 14, 2016 at 4:22 pm

Accessorize your Echo Dot to fit the decor of every room in your house!

The Amazon Echo Dot allows you to access the power of Amazon’s voice-controlled A.I. assistant Alexa from wherever you are in the room, with all that tech crammed into a package about the size of a hockey puck. And if you end up opting for the black color option, it’ll really look like there’s a hockey puck sitting on your end table. Or your kitchen counter. Or wherever you end up placing them around your house.

Amazon offered the bare minimum of color options — white or black — which is pretty standard for tech products, but not ideal for a product that ideally will fully integrate into the decor of different rooms in your house. You want something with some texture and muted colors to blend in, rather than stand out.

That’s why you definitely need to check out these sweet cases for the second generation of the Amazon Echo Dot. There are two material styles to choose between — leather and fabric — and each have their own aesthetic charm, with unique colors options. The leather options would definitely pair well if you’ve got a leather couch in your living room or den, while the fabric options — available in Charcoal, Indigo, and Sandstone — adds some much needed texture over the smooth plastic housing.

The cases have vents and cutouts so the speakers won’t be muffled at all when installed. To install, simply line up the USB and headphone jack on the Echo Dot with the corresponding cutouts in the case and you’re good to go!

The Echo Dot is affordably priced at $50, meaning you’ll probably end up buying a few to create a network throughout your house. And the cases are also reasonably priced at $15 for the fabric ones, and $20 for the slightly classier leather options. All told, you can buy a more fashionable Echo Dot for $70 or less — still a steal compared to, say, Google Home.

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