Thinking Of Covering Ed Sheeran Songs On Facebook? Don't, Your Account Could Get Suspended

by admin April 7, 2017 at 10:25 am

Fan covers of popular songs are pretty common on social media and YouTube. However, it is whole different story when it comes to posting these covers on Facebook.

Ed Sheeran who is topping international music charts with his single Shape Of You is a popular choice for fan covers. However, fans are landing in hot water when they post these cover videos on Facebook.

An Ed Sheeran fan recently got her Facebook account suspended after she posted a cover version of one of Sheeran’s song on Facebook. The singer apologized for the incident and blamed his music label for the problem. 
( Christopher Polk | Flickr )

Facebook is suspending accounts of those who are posting cover videos of Ed Sheeran songs.

Cover Videos A No-No On Facebook

The incident came to light when Ed Sheeran’s London-based fan Charlotte Campbell posted a video on YouTube. Campbell stated that Facebook suspended her account for posting a small Sheeran cover on the social networking site.

Campbell later discovered that Facebook suspended her account for a three-day period. The site even cautioned her that if in the future, she posted another cover video of any other artist, it will lead to her account being permanently deleted.

No Publishing License For Facebook

Incidents like these are occurring primarily because currently, Facebook does not have its own publishing license unlike YouTube, to post covers of songs. Thus, in the absence of legal rights, most major music labels pull down the cover videos from Facebook.

In some cases, the label goes as far as blocking the fan’s channel. That is not all, it also issues penalties in their name.

Ed Sheeran Sympathizes

In the meantime, the original artist whose fans have made the cover video is bearing the brunt of the act. Fans have little or no idea about the actions taken by labels and publishing license issues. Thus, they feel that the artist himself or herself is pulling down their cover videos from Facebook.

Ed Sheeran is currently facing a similar situation and he apologized to Campbell on Facebook.

“The ban definitely has nothing to do with me. I bloody love seeing people cover my songs,” said the artiste, blaming the incident on his record label Warner Music.

Facebook’s Response

Facebook has given a very vague response regarding the incident. The company stated that it is looking into the matter and is in talks with the music industry to come up with a solution regarding such issues. Facebook also noted that it was looking into possible solutions, which may result in the content not being removed.

Watch the video below to see what Campbell has to say regarding the incident.