These PlayStation Plus deals are cheaper than on Black Friday

by admin June 16, 2017 at 5:35 pm

Who needs Black Friday when PlayStation Plus deals are this cheap? We’re assuming these offers are a part of Sony’s Days of Play sale, which means these super cheap prices may only last until June 17. 

Let’s get straight to it. In the UK, multiple retailers have knocked the 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription down to £29.99, that’s £10 cheaper than the usual price and better than anything we saw on Black Friday last year.

Don’t forget, you can stack your PlayStation Plus subscription right now. You don’t have to wait for your current subscription to expire before adding a new one. So, if you still have six months left, add in the new code and your membership won’t expire for 18 months.

For most of this year, our usual favourites,, has been the cheapest, with prices between £32 and £35 for a 12-month sub, with these other stores usually sticking to a grim £39.99. Take a look at these rebels though, rocking out a cool £29.99 deal.

The Amazon deal is for a digital code that you should be able to access straight after purchasing and it looks like the Game deal could be the same. Whereas the Tesco, Very and Currys deals look more than likely to be for a card, which you’ll have to wait to be delivered in the post.

US gamers, we’re afraid we don’t have the same massive discounts for you. There’s no need to pay the default $59.99 though, we can save you a few bucks with the offers below. The Amazon offer is for a card, while CDKeys is an instant-delivery code.

If the prices expire, keep any eye on our PlayStation Plus deals guide which is updated with the latest prices every day. Or, if you’re more of an Xbox gamer (thanks for reading this far down!), we’ve rounded up the best Xbox Live Gold deals too.

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