The Pentax K-1 Has Features Not Found in Any Other Full Frame DSLR

by admin February 18, 2016 at 2:53 am


Pentax is finally in the full frame DSLR game. Ricoh today announced the new Pentax K-1, a camera that it claims “offers innovations not available in any other DSLR.”

Inside the camera is a 36.4-megapixel CMOS sensor that omits the anti-aliasing filter to offer maximum sharpness — an AA Fitler Simulator feature helps eliminate the moiré effect from photos instead. Sensitivity goes up to ISO 204800, and the new PRIME IV imaging engine allows for the capture of 14-bit RAW photos.


A newly refined SR II Shake Reduction system does 5-axis stabilization the provides an equivalent compensation of 5 exposure stops. A Pixel Shift Resolution System in the camera can capture super-resolution photos by capturing “four images of the same scene by shifting the image sensor by a single pixel for each image, then synthesizes them into a single composite image.”

For autofocusing, the K-1 boasts a new SAFOX 12 AF system that has 33 autofocus points (25 of which are cross-type).

The camera body itself is both compact and rugged. It’s weather-sealed, dustproof, and cold-proof thanks to 87 sealing points, allowing you to take the camera into harsh environments and have it emerge unscathed.


On the back of the body is a Flexible-tilt 3.2-inch 1.04-million-dot LCD screen — the first of its kind on any DSLR. You can position the screen to your desired angle both horizontally and vertically.