The original BB-8 droid is now $20 off and comes with a free Force Band

by admin June 1, 2018 at 2:20 am

Sphero’s BB-8 droid—an app-controlled toy that responds to your voice and gestures and can either roam free or respond to programmed commands—is one of the best toys available today. But, it’s always been a bit on the pricey side. 

Now, thrifty Star Wars fans who walked out of The Force Awakens adoring the quirky soccer ball-shaped droid but balked at the original $150 price tag have reason to celebrate. 

Sphero has announced a price-drop for its Star Wars toys line today. BB-8 now retails from Sphero for $79, down $20 from $99. 

Even better, this BB-8 droid includes a free Force Band, which used to sell for $79 by itself.