The head of 3D for Windows explains how the feature became a new centerpiece for the OS

by admin October 28, 2016 at 8:46 pm

Microsoft’s future is three-dimensional. Up to now, we’ve seen the company embrace the notion in dribs and drabs, through the HoloLens and its work with Minecraft. But earlier this week, at an event in New York City, the company went all in, making 3D content creation a core principle of both its upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update and hardware like the Surface Studio.

Asked how long the company has been focused on the space, Megan Saunders is cagey. “Some time,” the Windows 3D Initiative general manager answers after a drawn-out pause. She adds quickly that she was also on the HoloLens team prior, drawing inspiration to help lower the 3D content creation bar for entry from her own children, who were interested in the space, but didn’t possess the necessary skills to operate complex CAD programs.