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Welcome to the Best TV Buying Guide: Get ready for TechRadar’s round-up of the best TV sets for your home in 2019. 

The age-old question: when you’re on the market for a new television, what really is the best TV out there?  With so many sets appearing every year, each building on the improvements of its predecessors, even the best TVs are always under threat by new releases – and as high-resolution screens and advanced picture processing becomes the norm, it’s harder than ever to suss out which sets really do have the upper hand.

That’s good news for you: there are plenty of options for a high-performing television, and when you get to the very best of the best, it’s hard to go wrong with choosing one over the other.

But the best TV isn’t just the one with the most powerful specs or flashiest design: it’s whatever set is going to truly suit your needs. You’re going to clock up a lot of hours – and likely spend a considerable sum – on your new screen, so you’ll want to make sure it’s the right one for your home.

If you’re feeling confused, our guide to the best TVs available will help you separate bargain-buy panels from the best 4K screens, and which sets are worth connecting to that 4K Blu-ray player you’ve been eyeing up. We’ll help you find an awesome flatscreen without wasting hours of research comparing spec sheets – after all, we’ve done the research already.

If you’re looking for a buying guide that deals with TVs that only support the new Ultra HD resolution, check out our page on the best 4K TVs. Or if getting a flatscreen on the cheap is your main concern, check out the best 4K TV deals – and don’t forget to bookmark our Black Friday TV deals page for the latest updates from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Anyone after a TV that won’t dominate their home, too, can check out the best small TVs.

But, if you’re looking for the best-of-the-best TV out there today without limits or stipulations, this is the place for you. 

What you need to know about Black Friday 2019
It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best times to land yourself a fantastic TV deal, whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-range 8K model, or a budget-friendly 4K display. Last year’s  sales event saw brilliant discounts on models LG, Samsung, Philips, TCL, so it’s well worth bookmarking our best Black Friday TV deals page for the latest updates.

“So, should I buy a TV now or wait it out?”

This is a question we’re asked a lot. Like most technology, TVs are getting incrementally better all the time – which means, yes, if you wait a year there will probably be a bigger, flashier TV out there for less money. 

But, that said, there has recently been a huge flurry of progress as manufacturers have rushed to embrace new display standards including Ultra HD, Wide Colour Gamut and HDR. 

The majority of smart TV manufacturers now support these next generation of features, but you’ll have to check the small print in a few cases. 

So long as your next TV purchase supports these technologies (looking for an Ultra HD Premium certification is a good way to go), we reckon you won’t be kicking yourself in six months’ time when the next batch of sets arrive.

If you do want to future-proof against the next wave of hardware specifications, though, the new HDMI 2.1 standard is going to prove crucial for serious gaming setups: allowing support for 8K resolution at 60 frames per second, 4K at 120, alongside a range of new gaming features that will be supported over HDMI. 

It’s cool technology for sure, but unless you’re seriously into your gaming then we reckon you’re safe making a purchase now – but bear in mind, we’re expecting to see some of the best Black Friday TV deals ever this year, so it’s worth at least hanging on until November.

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 For more, watch our TV buying guide video below:

The best TVs of 2019

Samsung Q90 QLED TV.

Samsung Q90 QLED TV. Image Credit: Samsung. 

1. Samsung Q90 QLED TV (2019)

The best TV ever? Could be!

Superb picture quality

Incredible HDR performance

Wider viewing angles

Comprehensive smart platform

Attractive design and well built

No Dolby Vision support

No Dolby Atmos speakers 

Last year the Samsung Q9FN won plaudits galore for its features and image quality. But it’s now been replaced on our list of the best 4K TVs by the Q90 QLED TV. The Q9FN wasn’t perfect and there were legitimate complaints about viewing angles and an over-aggressive local dimming system that crushed detail just above black.

Samsung has clearly taken these criticisms to heart, and directly addressed them in the Q90. The new model has a visibly superior viewing angle that holds its own against an OLED TV, and the local dimming delivers deep blacks without losing shadow detail. To that end, the new Ultra Black Elite filter is nothing short of a revelation, rejecting ambient light in a way that just staggers belief. 

It’s not too much of a leap to say that the Samsung Q90 is the most impressive QLED we have reviewed to date, incorporating comprehensive features and cutting-edge picture innovations. As a result, this TV can deliver a performance that is capable of competing with and often surpassing even the best OLEDs.

Read the full review: Samsung Q90 QLED TV review


2. LG C9 OLED Series (2019)

The smartest TV on the planet?

55-inch: LG OLED55C9 | 65-inch: LG OLED65C9 | 77-inch: LG OLED77C9

Samsung Q900R QLED TV

Samsung Q900R QLED TV. Image Credit: Samsung. 

3. Samsung Q900R QLED TV (2018)

An 8K LCD-LED TV for the history books

65-inch: Samsung QE65Q900RATXXU | 75-inch: Samsung QE75Q900RATXXU | 85-inch: Samsung QE85Q900RATXXU

(Image credit: Sony)

4. Sony Bravia A9G OLED

The A9G Master Series is an OLED to take on the best

65-inch: Sony Bravia 65A9G | 55-inch: Sony Bravia 55A9G

Panasonic TH-65GZ2000

(Image credit: Panasonic)

5. Panasonic GZ2000 4K OLED TV

A gorgeous OLED TV with a custom panel and blistering sound

55-inch: Panasonic TX-55GZ2000 | 65-inch: Panasonic TX-65GZ2000

Best TV

(Image credit: LG)


A stunning looking-glass OLED TV

55-inch: LG OLED55E9 | 65-inch: LG OLED65E9

Best TV

(Image credit: Philips)

7. Philips OLED 803 (UK/EU only)

Gorgeous Ambilight colors and an equally gorgeous OLED panel

55-inch: Philips 55OLED803 | 65-inch: Philips 65OLED803

Hisense H8B ULED

(Image credit: Hisense)

8. Hisense U8B (UK only)

High-value 4K on an expansive Hisense screen

55-inch: H55U8BUK | 65-inch: H65U8BUK

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