The best Click Frenzy 2017 deals in Australia

by admin October 11, 2017 at 6:04 am

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will soon roll around again, but before that happens, Australia’s own answer to those massive sales is set to happen. So mark Tuesday, November 14 on your calendars and get ready for Click Frenzy time, when thousands of eager online shoppers converge on the Click Frenzy website to bag a great bargain… or two.

Created in 2012 as an Australian equivalent to the online Cyber Monday sales in the US, only without being linked to the same US-centric Thanksgiving-holiday timing, the Click Frenzy event centralises hundreds of deals from a large number of large Australian retailers in one location for 24 hours.

While individual stores often also have simultaneous sales on their own sites, the Click Frenzy website is specifically built to withstand enormous concurrent traffic volumes, with a marketplace that will allow shoppers to search by brand, item, category or just browse the large number of deals on offer.

Click Frenzy’s next big event will officially start at 7pm AEST on November 14 and will continue for 24 hours until 7pm the next day (Wednesday, November 15). And given the volume of bargains that are available, we’ll be here to save you time and effort by combing through the deals and picking out the choicest tech offers available on the day.

Here are some of the types of bargains you can expect, based on what was on offer during the last Click Frenzy event in May: 

PCs, laptops & tablets: If you’re looking to buy a brand-new computer or a tablet, you can expect some decent discounts from big names like Dell and HP. Earlier this year, there were savings of up to $400 on some of Dell’s computers, while HP offered up to $1,500 off on one of its gaming laptops.

Mobile phones: Another device that could see some discounts is the smartphone. We could see some decent offers on Samsung’s flagships, but there could also be big money to be saved on handsets from Chinese manufacturers’ handsets, from Huawei and Oppo for example.

Home AV: Click Frenzy could be a great time to grab that OLED TV you’ve been dreaming about, or even just upgrade to another 4K HDR model if you can’t quite stretch to an OLED. Sony had some TVs on sale in May, with a saving of up to $1,200, and we’re hoping we see a few more manufacturers put up their wares for sale as well.

Speakers and headphones: Audiophiles can look forward to Click Frenzy when some of the best and premium audio gear goes on sale for less. Bose, Sony and Jabra were some of the brands that carried lower price tags for 24 hours in May during the last Click Frenzy event, and we’re hoping there are a lot more this time round.

Cameras and accessories: It’s not just the usual tech toys that go on sale during Click Frenzy. Photographers can expect to grab camera gear – mirrorless cams, compacts, DSLRs, lenses and even drones – for cheaper than usual. It’s a great time to stock up on storage devices too, if you go click-happy.

Gaming gear: Gaming consoles like the PS4 Slim went on sale in May, with $140 off on the 500GB model. So it might be a good idea to check out what else is on offer this time round, with Xbox One consoles also potentially going up sale. And it’s not just consoles – you can expect to save big on gaming keyboards, mice and headphones as well.

  • Black Friday is increasingly gaining in popularity in Australia and here’s what you can expect when the big sale comes round this year.

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