Testing the 2004 Epson R-D1: The World’s First Digital Rangefinder

by admin July 2, 2016 at 8:48 am

Do a search for the world’s most famous landmarks, and you’ll find an endless stream of photos captured by tourists from all kinds of angles. But the photos you’ll find probably don’t look like photographer Oliver Curtis’ images. For his project Volte-face, Curtis visited iconic landmarks and pointed his camera in the opposite direction.

Avoiding the paparazzi usually involves celebrities covering their faces or surrounding themselves with body guards, but why do that when you can just toss a stylish scarf around your neck? This anti-paparazzi scarf lets you do just that.

The folks over at Popular Science have published a fun look inside White House photographer Pete Souza’s gear bag, but it seems the iconic photographer of president Obama’s most candid moments left a lens or two out when he spoke to the magazine.

If you’re a photographer shooting with Eyefi’s older generation Wi-Fi memory cards, here’s something you should know: your card will soon become more or less useless.

Fuji is expected to officially announce the new X-T2 on July 7th, but there may not be much mystery left when the announcement lands. A full spec list and new photo have just leaked and, if they’re accurate, they don’t leave much to the imagination.

This is a big week for new top-tier gear at DxOMark. First, they crowned the Canon 1D X Mark II the best Canon sensor they’ve ever tested, and now the affordable Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary has been named DxO’s top-ranking Sony E-Mount prime.

When you hear the name “Epson” you probably think of printers, but if you’ve been around cameras long enough, you may just remember the Epson R-D1: the world’s first digital rangefinder and one of the coolest cameras that never got its due.

Hasselblad broke new ground with the X1D: the world’s first digital mirrorless medium format camera. But according to trusted sources, Fujifilm is going to rain on Hassy’s parade very soon.

Photographers go gaga over the Aurora Borealis on Earth, capturing amazing timelapses and photographs and even live video from 35,000 feet. But no Earthly aurora will compare with what Hubble just captured swirling atop Jupiter.

This made us very sad. According to a new report published in the Journal of Science Advances, one third of humanity and approximately 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way from where they live due to light pollution.

A little while ago, I was shooting the icebergs on the black sand beach by the Jokulsarlon Glaicer Lagoon, Iceland with a rental EF 24-70mm F2.8L II. Iceland is notorious for being windy, and while I was shooting there was blowing winds carrying ocean spray and water splashes all over me and my camera + lens.

I will begin by saying that my intention is not to attack Steve McCurry or defame him in any manner. It is only an attempt to clear certain facts that have come to light regarding his work and to also raise certain questions on aspects that may or may not have been missed, but certainly have not been expressed till now… at least not publicly.

In Banovina, Croatia, on top of Čukur hill, there sits a giant camera lens sculpture. Featuring shattered glass around a single bullet hole, the lens is a memorial dedicated to Croatian photographer Gordan Lederer.

Apple has been awarded a US patent for a system that could disable iPhone cameras with infrared signals, allowing photography to be remotely banned in locations such as concerts and sensitive sites.

The Kennel Club, the official kennel club of the UK and the oldest kennel club in the world, has just announced the winning photos for the Dog Photographer of the Year 2015 contest, the largest dog photography competition in the world.

Have a broken or malfunctioning camera or lens and want to try your hand at a DIY repair? If you’re intent on ignoring the manufacturers warnings about doing so, you should check out the YouTube channel mikeno62.

What unusual tactics do you have for nailing the perfect portrait? Over in East Asia, a set of viral photos circulating on the Web shows what some wedding photographers are doing to get the shot they’re picturing in their minds.

If you’re a camera collector you better go collect your bib, because this one will make you salivate profusely. An eBay user selling off their late grandfather’s camera collection on eBay has just posted a very special camera: the 87th Nikon F to come off the production line back in 1959.

I’m old. Believe me, I know it. I’ll be 70 in a few months. That fact may make it hard for you to take me seriously, but bear with me for just this post. With age comes wisdom, right? What I want to write here is that I think the field of photography by those making art is changing in a disturbing way. Read on.

For photographer Nick Carver, photography is not about likes or comments or followers on your social network of choice; photography is about taking photos you love, printing them, and getting them up on your (or someone else’s) wall.

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