Samsung Unveils Notebook 3, Notebook 5 Laptops For 'Everyday Premium Computing'

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Samsung recently launched the Notebook 3 and Notebook 5. As cheaper alternatives to the Notebook 7 and 9, the new laptops pack just enough power for the casual gamer or user.  ( Samsung )

Samsung just added the low-profile Notebook 3 and Notebook 5 to complement the brand’s premium laptops, the Notebook 7 and Notebook 9.

Samsung’s new offerings were curiously launched on April Fool’s Day. Despite so, the two new laptops are obviously real with decent looks, specifications, and prices.

Samsung Notebook 3 And Notebook 5 Design

The South Korean company dressed up the Notebook 3 and Notebook 5 in the same zero-screw finish found in the higher-end laptops, providing a sleek and premium look. Measuring 19.9 mm and 19.6 mm respectively, both notebooks are slim enough to be carried anywhere.

The company took cues from the environment for the color choices of the Notebook 3, which is available in Night Charcoal, Misty Gray, Pure White, and Deep Peach for the 15-inch models. The 14-inch model is available in the same colors sans the Pure White option. Notebook 5 is only available in one color, Light Titan, and in one model at 15 inches.

Samsung Notebook 3 And Notebook 5 Specifications

Samsung did not detail the specifications, but both are coming with eighth-generation or seventh-generation Intel Core processor. The Notebook 3 has an NVIDIA MX110 graphics card, while the Notebook 5 has an NVIDIA MX150.

The hardware tells the fans that not much can be expected from both notebooks in terms of power. However, Samsung made them just powerful enough for everyday use, yet cheap enough for the masses. According to the blog post, the equipment is even good enough for casual gaming.

“When developing the Notebook 5 and Notebook 3, we wanted a device that balanced style with powerful functionality,” said YoungGyoo Choi, senior vice president of the PC Business Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

“These devices designed for everyday use and premium computing experiences are the result of our on-going commitment to carefully listening to our customers and their needs.”

Other Details, Price, And Release Date

Both Notebook 3 and Notebook 5 have full-sized keyboards with number pads and an anti-glare panel that delivers precise colors through the Samsung Color Engine. Other specifications, such as RAM and storage, are bound to be announced soon.

Prices are still unknown at the moment, but both will definitely be cheaper than the Notebook 7 expected to be at $800 to $900 and Notebook 9 at $1,200. The Notebook 7 still has no release date, while the Notebook 9 is already available.

The Notebook 3 and 5 will have its first launch in Korea in April with a global release including China and Brazil sometime in Q2.

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