Samsung Announces H7 Wireless Speaker, New Soundbar, And UHD Blu-Ray Player Set For CES 2017

by admin December 28, 2016 at 10:48 pm

Based on Samsung’s staggered announcements, it appears that the South Korean company is going to inundate CES with a host of new products. After revealing fresh projects baked in its Creative Lab, it has now confirmed three more gadgets: the H7 Wireless Speaker, a new soundbar, and a UHD Blu-ray Player.

The trio is being touted as the future of audio on the strength of the so-called Ultra High Quality sound technology that can purportedly revolutionize the way we enjoy audio at home.

“Delivering clear, crisp, immersive sound is very important to Samsung, and we always strive to create new products that further complement the user experience,” Jurak Choi, senior vice president at Samsung, said.

New H7 Wireless Speaker

From the get-go this device is not staking any claims to a smart title. The device is purely all about audio and is not outfitted with any smart assistant technology.

One should note that Samsung is long rumored to be developing its own smart assistant called Bixby, a potential rival to the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. This AI, which is said to have a female alter ego, will reportedly debut on the Galaxy S8, also at CES. Moreover, a Harman speaker is reportedly in the works and this company, which Samsung has recently acquired, will equip it with Microsoft’s Cortana smart assistant.

That being said, Samsung seems intent to do away with the clutter, simply appealing to the base emotions of audiophiles through its technology that is expected to produce pure audio enjoyment.

The UHQ technology drives this goal through its capability to upscale audio sources to as high as a 32bit output. Samsung claims that this variable enables its H7 Wireless Speaker to deliver a rich and clear sound that can trounce HD’s sound quality.

The wireless speaker will further enhance audio experience through what Samsung calls a “Distortion Cancelling” technology that can eliminate sound alterations. This is achieved through a proprietary audio algorithm that can predict speaker movements.

New Samsung Soundbar

Samsung seems to be angling to introduce another device in our list of the best soundbars to date. The company might just pull this off with the way it successfully embedded the subwoofer performance into the main unit, eliminating the need for separate components that could look messy for the design-conscious.

This approach allows the device to provide a clearer and more equalized bass. The soundbar is also quite portable and easy to set up. You can merely mount it on your TV or on the wall.

In terms of audio quality, consumers should be able to experience a more immersive sound especially when the device is paired with a television.

(Photo: Samsung)

UHD Blu-ray Player

Simply put, this device is a video player on steroids, at least on paper. It packs tons of new features, which include smart functions such as the ability to modify audio and video settings on its own. Samsung is also touting its improved mobile device integration and it can seamlessly work with the Samsung UHD ecosystem if you are deeply invested in its products.

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