Roccat's New Gaming Keyboard Horde AIMO Features 'Membranical' Key Switches

by admin March 30, 2018 at 7:30 am

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Roccat just launched the Horde AIMO featuring “membranical” keys that give players the best of membrane planks and mechanical keyboards. Roccat also equipped the keyboard with additional new features.
  ( Roccat )

Roccat is one to innovate and push products that gamers never knew they wanted, and now it has outdone itself with the Horde AIMO keyboard.

The new gaming keyboard features what Roccat calls “membranical” keys. Supposedly, it’s a hybrid between a membrane and mechanical keyboard.

The Horde AIMO Keyboard Is Both Fast And Silent

Horde AIMO combines the silence and softness of a membrane plank with the precision and speed of a mechanical keyboard. Roccat claims that it’s the perfect compromise between the two types. At the root of its identity, though, the keyboard is simply a membrane plank that’s faster than normal.

“With the Horde AIMO, we wanted to offer the fans of traditional keyboards the best choice in the market, there is no other option that feels as crisp, precise and offers this level of customization,” says René Korte, CEO of Roccat. “The Horde AIMO is one of a kind.”

According to Roccat, the Horde AIMO has a 44 percent faster response rate than the traditional keyboard. While standard membrane keyboards have an actuation speed of 9.0 ms, the “membranical” keys boast 7.8 ms. The macro keys are even faster at 5.0 ms.

The Horde AIMO Comes Fully Equipped

Setting the “membranical” feature aside, the Horde AIMO has a new island layout that resists dirt better. They keys have enhanced distinction, and the five quick-fire macros have a lower height to set them apart from the main keys.

The tuning wheel allows users to adjust volume, brightness, dpi, multimedia, and more. It is configurable and comes with a Windows 10 Dial functionality, which makes the new Roccat keyboard the first of its kind to include this feature.

The Horde AIMO also comes with an improved anti-ghosting technology. Roccat claims that every keystroke, no matter how many presses per minute, will be registered without fail.

“An advanced algorithm developed by ROCCAT® engineers features the latest in key-mapping technology to provide an anti-ghosting solution like none before it,” the company claims.

Other features of the Horde AIMO include a detachable palm rest and the RGB illumination. The AIMO lighting ecosystem allows players to connect other AIMO-enabled devices to showcase intelligent cross-device illumination. Of course, gamers can customize lighting scenarios for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

The feature-packed Horde AIMO is available for $90 and it comes in black, gray, and white variants. A non-RGB Horde keyboard is also set to be released soon with a $70 price tag.