Re-watch Joe Wicks PE Workout on Thursday April 9 – and all other episodes

by admin April 9, 2020 at 9:13 am

it’s over once more – day four of week three for PE with Joe Wicks, and the world is getting a little bit fitter every day by jumping around with the long-haired, bouncy man.

(If you’re becoming a regular Wicks fanatic, bookmark this page and we’ll have it updated daily. If you’re new to Joe Wicks’ PE workouts, then you should also bookmark this page and come back every day, each time that little bit fitter).

And if you want to track your heart rate and effort over the course of the workout, or just want to extend your exercise, then check out these picks:

What time does Joe Wicks’ PE lesson start each day – and how can I watch the workout?

Want to get sweating today? Here’s today’s episode: