Police at the Commonwealth Games will use anti-drone guns on rogue 'copters

by admin February 28, 2018 at 12:37 am

Police in the state of Queensland have made a deal with DroneShield in order to secure the Australian company’s signature drone-blocking guns for use at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Since video drones have increasingly found their way into the hands of the everyday consumer, the need to protect against rogue users obtaining footage illegally, or using the device in other nefarious ways, has risen with it.

The rifle-esque drone blocker that DroneShield offers (the aptly named DroneGun) has already been successfully employed at events such as the Boston Marathon (for three years running), and the Iron Man World Championships.

The gun has a range of 2km and functions by jamming the transmission between the remote control and the unit itself. This disables the video footage and forces the ‘copter to ‘return to home’ or perform a controlled landing.

The Commonwealth Games will take place in April this year on Queensland’s Gold Coast and is expected to pull crowds of close to 700,000.

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