PlayStation 4 Pro already available to pre-order!

by admin September 7, 2016 at 11:08 pm

Pre-order your PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in NYC today turned out to be a lot more exciting than a lot of folks initially suspected. On top of a new, slim PlayStation 4 we got a ton of details surrounding the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s going to be great for those interested in 4K and HDR gaming, and PlayStation VR gamers will find an even better experience inside the headset. As first impressions go, PS4 Pro looks to be well worth the $399 asking price.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Best of all, it’s available to pre-order now! Amazon currently has delivery listed at December 29th, 2017, but since there’s also no image for the listing at the time of this writing it’s pretty clear the order page hasn’t been fully realized just yet. Sony is planning to make PS4 Pro available on November 10th, and if history is any indicator Amazon will ship to ensure these matte black consoles arrive on that day.

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