Miss The Windows File Manager From The 1990s? It's Now Open Source And Works On Windows 10

by admin April 11, 2018 at 8:23 pm

Microsoft has released Windows 3.0’s File Manager as an open source software, giving users a chance to revisit the ’90s. Yes, it runs on Windows 10 too.  ( Drew Angerer | Getty Images )

After nearly three decades, Microsoft has released the source code for the ’90s-era File Manager that will take fans on a trip down memory lane.

Microsoft Releases Source Code For Windows File Manager

Microsoft has now made the source code for the original Windows File Manager available to users and developers alike. The program, which was released for Windows 3.0 as a replacement for managing files using MS-DOS, displayed the contents of several folders within one window and allowed users to drag, drop, delete, and search for files with the help of the multiple-document interface (MDI).

The program was considered revolutionary at the time, as it allowed users to navigate through several directories and manage files in an organized manner. The application was available on Microsoft computers from 1990 through 1999 but was replaced by Windows Explorer as the primary navigation program from Windows 95 onward.

Windows File Manager Available For Windows 10

The source code is available on GitHUB under the MIT open source license compiled under Windows 10, which means users can download the application and manage files the old-fashioned way on their brand-new Windows 10 computers.

There are two versions of the software available: the original ’90s version with support for 64-bit operating systems and an updated version, which has some additional features such as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V commands for users to copy and paste files, in addition to certain file system capabilities that were introduced later.

While the program looks out of date and cluttered when you compare it with today’s standards, there are some features, such as split panes and MDI, that could still be helpful to users in today’s day and age of mobile phones and tablets.

Microsoft Fans Unhappy?

Microsoft will be hopeful about winning over its fans with its latest release given that they’re not content with how company’s Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is turning out. Also, some fans have also expressed their displeasure over Microsoft’s release of the company’s open source releases.

“Most of the MSFT open source stuff is either trash or completely unmaintained,” TechCrunch quoted a Hacker News reader as saying. “Only a couple of high profile projects are maintained and they jam opt-out telemetry in if you like it or not (despite hundreds of comments requesting them to go away). Even Scott Hanselman getting involved in one of our tickets got it nowhere. Same strong arming and disregard for customers.”

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