Microsoft Working On System-Wide Windows Tabs Called ‘Tabbed Shell’: Report

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Microsoft is reportedly working on implementing a grouped tabs feature called ‘Tabbed Shell.’ The new feature when implemented will work not just in browsers but across all app windows. 
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If Microsoft pushes through with its latest experiment, Windows users can finally say goodbye to a chaotic desktop.

Microsoft is reportedly working on implementing “Tabbed Shell,” a feature that will group tabs in app windows. With the new Windows 10 Creators Update now out, this feature could be one of the next updates that Microsoft is working on.

Microsoft is in the process of streamlining its products and services. Earlier this month, support for old Windows versions for new processors has stopped; likewise, Windows Vista support is now dead as Microsoft encourages users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Tabbed Shell On Windows 10

According to an insider report, the feature called “Tabbed Shell” will be implemented on app windows such as File Explorer. If implemented, users can enjoy the familiar streamlined user experience commonly found in web browsers.

For those not familiar with tabbed browsing, this feature allows users to browse multiple websites using only one window. For example, the user can browse Wikipedia and YouTube at the same time using one Google Chrome window. The website pages are grouped like folder tabs, thus enabling an organized user experience.

Currently, the app windows in Windows 10 don’t have this. Enabling the Tabbed Shell feature will allow users to navigate through folders and apps without opening multiple app windows (which can clutter the desktop).

For example, exploring the hard drive on the oft-used File Explorer lets the user navigate between folders in one single window. Likewise, the user can switch between multiple documents with just a click of a tab in one open Microsoft Word window.

Windows Tabs Just Like In Mac?

According to the report, the Tabbed Shell featured can be implemented at system level, meaning it won’t require work from app developers. Since it is OS-wide, by default all windows of all programs will have the Tabbed Shell feature.

If the app has a title bar, it can integrate into the Tabbed Shell (Microsoft is rumored to give developers the API for this integration development). However, it is unknown if or when this feature will show up. According to insider sources, it could be as far as 2018 for Redstone 4.

In case Tabbed Shell sounds familiar, it will work just like the tabs in Apple’s macOS. Many first- and third-party apps in Mac can have multiple windows open, enabled by toggling the View > Show Tab Bar, or Window > Merge All Windows options.

There are many ways to open a new tab in Mac Finder. Some of these are:

• Command-click (or right click) a folder in the Finder and select Open in New Tab from the pop-up menu.
• Click the plus (+) button located at the Finder’s tab bar (top right).
• Ctrl-click (or right click) any Finder tab, and then select New Tab from the pop-up menu.

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