Microsoft Oct. 26 Event: No Surface Pro 5, But Surface Pro 4 Prices Starts Dropping

by admin November 11, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Microsoft has announced its Oct. 26 event, and the company will discuss its Windows 10 developments, alongside new hardware initiatives such as the Surface All-In-One. However, no Surface Pro 5 devices are in tow, and for a good reason. 
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Microsoft is hosting an event this month where the latest news on the developments of Xbox, Windows 10 and its Surface devices will be revealed. On Oct. 26, New York prepares to learn the freshest information about Microsoft’s work.

The event will likely focus on Windows 10 and the strong cloud based solutions from the company. Among other things, the services permit users to utilize their Microsoft account on desktops, notebooks and smartphones running on Windows 10 Mobile, as well as Android and iOS devices that sport software from the company.

The launch event is rumored to put the headlights on the new hardware that Microsoft is baking.

Insiders from the company note that a desktop computer is in tow, which is the perfect platform for Microsoft to showcase what Windows 10 is capable of.

However, there is an increasing suspicion that neither the Surface Book, nor the Surface Pro 4 will get an update this year, and there are strong reasons to back it up.

The two 2-in-1 devices are consumer-focused gadgets, meaning that the pressure to boost their specs and features is lower than when it comes to smartphones. For a handset, 12 months is plenty of time for users to want a new and revamped variant, while 2-in-1s have a longer aging time.

What is more, reviewers and users agree that the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are still leading the pack in terms of both performance and bang for the buck. There is likely that Microsoft will share some statistics about the popularity of the slates and you should know that the Surface Pro 4 is already seeing big discounts on Amazon.

Users can save up to $585 when purchasing a Surface Pro 4 packing an Intel Core i7e, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of space, or $260 when buying the same Surface Pro 4, but with only 256 GB of storage.

However, Microsoft might showcase its desktop rig, which rumors claim that is dubbed Surface PC or Surface All-In-One.

This seems to back previous rumbles pertaining to a Surface AIO. Microsoft did file for an AIO PC patent back in July 2015, detailing a “modular computing device.”

We expect to see comparisons between Microsoft’s upcoming PC and the Apple’s Mac, and it may be just what the former wants.

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