Meet the AKG N400: Samsung's Galaxy Buds+' More Advanced Version

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Samsung has just secretly released its latest earphones called AKG N400. Obviously, it’s not the newest Galaxy Buds+ but it’s said to be more advanced than this model. It has the same specs as the Galaxy Buds+ so what else makes it interesting? Here’s what you should know: 

Samsung introduces the AKG N400 that outshines Galaxy Buds+ 

Meet AKG N400: Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ More Advanced Version

(Photo : Screenshot from: Samsung South Korea Website )
Meet AKG N400: Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+’ More Advanced Version

One of Samsung’s audio brands called AKG has recently released its very first pair of truly wireless earbuds on the market. As reported via Digital Trends, the new Samsung earphones have the latest features that anyone looks for in a listening device.

Just like Samsung’s newest Galaxy Buds+, AKG N400 has active noise cancellation, water resistance, and has five to six hours of play time. Due to the specs of the device, reports said that the AKG N400 could beat a pair of Galaxy Buds+ or even AirPods if they wanted to. 

AKG N400 specs that you should know

Meet AKG N400: Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ More Advanced Version

(Photo : AKG Facebook Page )
Meet AKG N400: Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+’ More Advanced Version

According to GS Marena, N400 is a must-have earbuds device. It has 8.2mm drivers that come up with Comply foam tips and other tips. The buds can also last on their own for at least 6 hours running on batteries. It comes with a wireless charger that in 10 minutes will allow you to play an one hour of playback on the device. 

The N400 costs $190 (converted from the South Korean won). This is 30% more expensive compared to a pair of Galaxy Buds+ but way cheaper than AirPods Pro. Here’s where this device has won the market: Unlike Galaxy Buds+ that fail to bring noise-cancelling technology, these earbuds have two mics each that each have their own noise-cancelling tech. 

If you want to control the level of cancellation, users can just use the app called Ambient Aware. By tapping the left earbud, you will turn on TalkThru so you can hear what’s going on around you. If you answer a call, however, the beam forming will be used to pick up your voice clearly when in the middle of an important call. 

On the other hand, the right bud will gives you controls to skip music and answer calls. You can also change the volume by swiping. 

The N400 has a water-resistance technology lasting up to 30 minutes underwater within 1 meter. 

Enjoy three colour variants: black, silver, and navy

If you’re not a fan of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ yellow variant, here’s good news for you: The AKG N400 has  three other colours to choose from: black, silver, and even navy.

Unfortunately, this device is not yet available in the United States or other countries. Let’s just wait and see.

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