McLaren's new GT car drops camouflage, will be revealed in May

by admin April 4, 2019 at 5:33 am

Following an announcement at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show in early March, McLaren has shed new light on its next road car, right now simply referred to as the McLaren of Grand Tourers. The British firm on Wednesday revealed three new photos of the car with some of the bulky camouflage seen in earlier shots completely removed, providing us with a better look at the car’s design.

With the new photos, we can see a far more relaxed shape overall when comparing it to other recent McLaren models, such as the Senna or Speedtail. The front includes new tear-drop-shaped headlights with LEDs, but a familiar look that keeps the design within the McLaren family. At the rear, slim and straight taillights poke through, while we can now spot large dual-exhaust outlets.

Teaser for new McLaren GT car

Teaser for new McLaren GT car

McLaren said to expect a mid-engine grand touring car that’s comfortable for long journeys, but one that will still retain the company’s essential sports car DNA. In fact, it said the new GT car will share some of its DNA with the forthcoming Speedtail hypercar.

Power will still come from a twin-turbo V-8 engine, which McLaren promises will award new levels of “agility” in the luxury GT segment. The car should house a few other new features as McLaren rallies around the motif that the GT car will break some established rules.

Teaser for new McLaren GT car

Teaser for new McLaren GT car

Development will continue in Europe with a 1,000-mile road trip from Spain to the United Kingdom. During the trip, engineers will ensure the GT car is up for the task of cross-country drives with a full set of luggage onboard. Comfort and refinement will be of utmost importance, per McLaren.

The new McLaren GT will not slot into any of the brand’s current series and will be a standalone car, according to the company. We’ll see the full design revealed sometime this May, and perhaps another teaser after McLaren chooses a name for its new grand tourer.

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