MacBook Pro 2018, iMac Pro Models Can Still Be Repaired Independently: iFixit

by admin October 8, 2018 at 11:42 am
MacBook Pro 2018, iMac Pro Models Can Still Be Repaired Independently: iFixit

iFixit managed to replace MacBook Pro 2018’s display, without connecting to Apple’s GSX server

Reports emerged last week that alleged Apple had rolled out software in its latest MacBook Pro 2018 and iMac Pro models that prevented the repair of major parts by third-party stores. However, a new report by iFixit reveals that this secret software – if real – has not yet been put into place; the display and logic boards of the latest MacBook Pro can still be fixed independently without inoperability issues. The report also advocates that a “right to repair” must come into action in the consumer electronics industry.

To recall, reports from last week had stated that Apple’s latest computers with the new T2 chip were provided additional security features, including the proprietary Apple Service Toolkit 2 System Configuration Suite that reportedly prevents unauthorised repair shops from fixing the display, logic board, keyboard, battery, trackpad, Touch ID, and speakers on the 2018 edition of the MacBook Pro.

However, iFixit managed to replace the display on a newly bought MacBook Pro 2018 independently, without connecting to Apple’s exclusive Global Service Exchange (GSX) cloud-based server. Swapping the logic boards with an older unit also turned out to be successful.

That said, iFixit is not too hopeful of the future as Apple could just send out a software update to freeze independent repairs. This could lead up to a lot of problems for users who can’t afford to get a repair from an authorised store or an Apple store, don’t have time to go to a store, or would want to use their Mac device even after the 5-year Apple hardware service repair limit.

The report laments that Apple appears to be following the footsteps of automakers wherein owners cannot actually repair their cars themselves, and are stuck with having to go to authorised service stations.

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