MacBook Pro 16-inch owners report glitchy speakers and ghosting display

by admin December 6, 2019 at 4:49 pm

Apple’s new MacBook Pro 16-inch has had the shine taken off it somewhat, at least in some cases – that’s going by reports of problems about the laptop’s speakers making popping noises, and issues with that fancy new larger display.

Apple Insider highlighted the alleged flaw on the audio front, whereby some owners are reporting that popping or clicking sounds are emanating from the speakers of their fancy new MacBook Pro 16-inch.

This has echoes of earlier problems with Apple’s laptops, and you may recall complaints about crackling speakers with the MacBook Pro 2018 (which affected both 13-inch and 15-inch models). Similar glitches were reported in some cases with 2017 and 2016 versions of Apple’s MacBook Pro, as noted in that previous article.

In the problem’s latest incarnation, it reportedly occurs when playing audio (or a video with sound), and if you stop playback, then skip to another part – or close the media app – you get a strange popping or clicking noise (which can vary in volume). And that’s not particularly pleasant, especially when you remember how much this seriously premium piece of hardware costs.

As in previous cases when this gremlin emerged, there doesn’t seem to be any real root cause or consistency as to when this problem manifests, or how widespread it might be, although it would appear there aren’t too many sufferers (yet).

That said, it’s certainly affecting some models, and there are various reports on Apple’s support forums, and several Reddit threads. There’s also video footage floating about on YouTube, and allegedly even laptops which are on display in Apple’s retail outlets exhibiting the popping problem.