Logitech Says You'll Use Webcams With Your Smartphone in the Future

by admin November 13, 2017 at 9:27 am

“We’ve reached a point where everybody has video, the question is how do you make it good,” says Simon Dudley, Director, Product Strategy at Logitech. Dudley is in India to launch the Logitech MeetUp this week, the company’s latest video-conferencing hardware which boasts of a 120-degree field of view, a 4K-image sensor, and an array of microphones. At Rs. 99,995, it’s a far cry from a commercial webcam, or the camera that’s already there in your smartphone, but Dudley points out that there’s a continuum of devices that meet different needs.

“I mean, you have a laptop, and you can use it for everything, you can use it to watch movies and shows, right? But I bet that you have a television in your home, because it’s a different experience,” Dudley says. The company is betting that instead of relying on expensive proprietary solutions for video-conferencing, smaller businesses and startups would rather invest in solutions like MeetUp, which can be plugged into a PC and used with whichever videoconferencing software you need to use.

Like most people, Dudley agrees that mobiles are going to be the future of computing, and so we asked how this would impact the offerings from Logitech. After all, couldn’t smartphones replace what the company is offering? “In our marketing, we have a slogan, that’s ‘Huddle, don’t cuddle’, you know?” responds Dudley. “The phone, the laptop, they’re getting great and for personal use it totally makes sense to use those, or a webcam – and Logitech sells a lot of webcams – but the wide field of view of a MeetUp makes a big difference. Use a simple laptop camera and the person sitting next to you might not be in the frame.”