Let's Hope That These iPhone 8 Rumors Are True: $900 Price Tag And Blush Gold Color

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Rumors involving the iPhone 8 continue to swirl as the world waits for its official unveiling. The latest ones claim that the iPhone 8 price is lower than expected, and that there will be a blush gold color option. 
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As the world waits for Apple to finally unveil its 2017 iPhone models in the upcoming Sept. 12 event, rumors on the premium iPhone 8 have been swirling, with the latest ones involving the device’s starting price and color options.

Apple fans who have been looking forward to the iPhone 8 will likely hope that these latest rumors are true.

iPhone 8 Price: Lower Than Expected?

The iPhone 8 price has been one of the most speculated details regarding the upcoming premium device. Most reports have claimed that the iPhone 8 price will start at $1,000, going up to as much as $1,200 for the biggest storage option.

However, UBS analysts believe that the iPhone 8 will carry a price tag lower than what most have expected. The analysts think that there will only be two storage options for the iPhone 8, specifically 64 GB and 256 GB, and that their prices will be $900 and $1,000, respectively.

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich and UBS associate analyst Benjamin Wilson, in a note to investors, “questioned the logic” of an iPhone that will be sold for as much as $1,200. They pointed out that Apple usually sets the price of its flagship iPhone Plus models slightly lower than the Galaxy Note devices of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device is being sold at $930.

While a $900 iPhone 8 is something that Apple fans will hope for, it is not easy to see that the 64 GB iPhone 8 will be priced just over $200 more than the 32 GB model of the iPhone 7 Plus. This is considering that the device is expected to feature a nearly bezel-less OLED screen, a revamped design with no home button, and facial recognition technology.

New iPhone 8 Color Option: Blush Gold

Benjamin Geskin, a prolific leaker who recently chimed in with information that the iPhone 8 will have a starting price of $999, tweeted images of alleged sim trays of the iPhone 8. Because the trays are painted in the same color as the devices, they provide a good look at the color options for the upcoming device.

The most important bit of information from the sim trays is that there will indeed be a copper-gold color for the iPhone 8, and that it will be officially named blush gold. The silver color, meanwhile, appears to be darker, and closer in shade to Apple’s space gray option.

Geskin said in July that there will also be a mirror-like option for the iPhone 8, but there is still no specific information on what that would look like.

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