iPhone and iPad owners have been in a mad rush to install iOS 13

by admin October 22, 2019 at 8:42 am

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One thing that never fails to surprise me about iPhone users is how quick they are to download and install new iOS versions. In less than a month, half of all iPhones currently in use are running iOS 13.

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Figures released by Apple for October 15 show that since the release of iOS 13 back on September 19, the updated operating system has already been downloaded and installed on 50 percent of all iPhones currently in use. Of the remaining devices, 41 percent are running iOS 12, and 9 percent are running an older version of iOS.

Of iPhones introduced in the last four years, 55 percent are running iOS 13, 38 percent running iOS 12, and 7 percent running an older version.

iPadOS, which was released September 24, is also doing well, with this running on 33 percent of all iPads currently in use, with 51 percent running iOS 12, and 16 percent running an earlier version.

Of iPads introduced in the past four years, 41 percent run iPadOS, with 51 percent running iOS 12, and 8 percent running an earlier version.

Given the scale of the iPhone and iPad ecosystem — some 1.4 billion devices in all at the beginning of 2019, that’s a very rapid adoption rate and goes to show that new iOS releases are still a big hit with iPhone and iPad owners.

Shame iOS 13 is a bit of a buggy mess.

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