iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Will Be Slower And Incompatible With Current Charging Pads: What Gives, Apple?

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A report claims that the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature will be slower than standard speeds, and will be incompatible with the charging pads that are currently in the market. Will Apple really do this? 
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More information regarding the rumored inclusion of wireless charging in the iPhone 8 have been revealed, though the details are likely not what many Apple fans are expecting.

A report claims that iPhone 8 wireless charging will be slower than standard speeds, and that it will not be compatible with the charging pads that are currently available in the market.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging: Here’s What We Learned

In a report by Macotakara, the Japanese publication claimed that the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature will use a slower standard charging profile of 7.5 watts, which is half the speed of the Qi 1.2 standard of 15 watts.

In addition to iPhone 8 wireless charging being slower than similar features for other devices, the website’s sources added that third-party charging pads will need to be licensed under the Made for iPhone program. This would mean that manufacturers will need to pay Apple certain fees before they are allowed to create iPhone 8 wireless charging pads.

The iPhone 8 wireless charging technology, which is being developed in-house by Apple, was previously reported as under trouble due to problems with the smartphone’s software. It would appear that Apple will delay the launch of the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature until the rollout of iOS 11, because it would require the operating system to check if the charging pad has a Made for iPhone license.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging: Is It Good Or Bad?

It is unclear why Apple would decide to use a slower profile for the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature, but the company’s rumored move to require a Made for iPhone license for third-party charging pads will limit the convenience that the feature can provide to the smartphone’s users.

While Apple is certainly within its rights to limit wireless charging within its ecosystem of devices and licensed hardware, requiring a Made for iPhone license means that there are currently no wireless charging pads in the market that will be compatible with the iPhone 8.

Owners of mobile devices with wireless charging features following the Qi standard will be able to use charging pads that they own and those offered in public interchangeably. However, iPhone 8 owners will need to bring their licensed charging pads with them at all times.

Wireless charging on the iPhone 8 will still provide the advantages offered by the technology, but the limitation that Apple will place on the feature will drive down the convenience that users can receive from it.

The rumored slower speed and Made for iPhone license requirement for the iPhone 8’s wireless charging feature hopefully do not turn out to be true upon the smartphone’s unveiling next month.

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