iPhone 8 To Have Wireless Charging Accessory, Ditching Lightning Adapter

by admin April 9, 2017 at 10:04 pm

Apple’s next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8 is highly awaited and there have been a lot of speculations regarding its specs and features.

A recent report stated that the iPhone 8 – also dubbed the iPhone X – may boast wireless charging capabilities.

iPhone 8 base model is expected to comes in 64 GB internal storage, which means the company is bidding adieu to the 32 GB option. The change may affect the base pricing for the upcoming iPhone. 
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Now a new report from Japanese publication Mac Otakara suggests that the iPhone 8 would deploy a wireless charging accessory, as well as ditch the lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

iPhone 8: Wireless Charging Rumors

Older rumors have suggested that the wireless charging that the iPhone 8 will deploy may be long distance, using existing technology such as Energous and Dialog Semiconductor. This will be able to charge a device without being connected to it in any way from a distance of 4.5 meters.

However, the latest report from the Japanese publication claims otherwise. The report states that Apple may be using technology developed by a Chinese company Luxshare. This technology it seems, will not be long distance but contact based.

Most likely, the iPhone 8 may support wireless charging when it is connected to a charging station. However, the report also states that the wireless charging station will not be available by default to all iPhone 8 users and that it will be sold separately by the company.

Lightning-To-3.5mm Being Ditched?

The predecessor to iPhone 8, the iPhone 7 did away with the 3.5mm headphone jack and in its place provided the customers with a lightning-to-3.5mm adapter along with the phone. The company’s decision to remove the 3.5mm jack was met with harsh criticism from users. However, the latest report indicates that Apple may not provide the adapter with the iPhone 8.

It is not yet clear what this may mean for the potential headphone connectivity of the phone but, it can be construed that Apple will include a 3.5mm jack on the device itself this time.

The company is unlikely to ship a lightning-to-USB C cable as well along with the iPhone 8.  

Rumored Specs

The latest leak also lists some of the specs of the upcoming iPhone 8 and reveals that the handset will have a 5-inch display. However, this seems inaccurate as most industry insiders believe that the device will feature a 5.8-inch display.

The display is speculated to be an OLED one with edge-to-edge glass which may support Touch ID under its screen. There are also rumors which suggest that the iPhone 8 may come with fingerprint and iris scanners.

With an expected price tag of around $1000, the iPhone 8 may also be one of the most expensive Apple smartphones to date.

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