iOS 9.3 public beta 3 brings Wi-Fi Calling to Verizon iPhone customers, fixes for T-Mobile

by admin February 11, 2016 at 8:36 pm

We are about a month out from the next likely Apple event where it is expected that Apple will release iOS 9.3 to the masses.

Since I have a few phones to use as my primary device, I took the leap and installed the iOS 9.3 public beta on my Apple iPhone 6s Plus a couple weeks ago. One of the primary reasons I wanted to test out iOS 9.3 before the full release was the enhanced Apple Health support that now lets me view my Apple Watch activity right on the Apple Health dashboard, as well as further support for more data sources.

The beta 2 version I started with had issues with T-Mobile’s cellular connection where Outlook, streaming video, and other apps I use regularly would not connect. Thus, I set the iPhone 6s Plus aside and went back to using my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for the last couple of weeks.

Thankfully, Apple released iOS 9 public beta 3 yesterday that fixed all of my T-Mobile connection issues so my SIM card again lives in the iPhone. Beyond the T-Mobile connection fixes, this latest version of the public beta includes the following:

  • Wi-Fi Calling for Verizon customers
  • New 3D Touch shortcuts from the Settings icon; battery, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Improved method for locking and unlocking Notes
  • Improvements in Apple Music, including ability to add songs to My Music when added to a playlist

I already have Wi-Fi Calling on T-Mobile, which is handy for making calls when you are inside buildings without a cellular connection. This function on T-Mobile also lets you text on an airplane outfitted with Gogo service. I’m not sure if this works with other carriers who have Wi-Fi Calling support.


In addition to these new functions in the third version of the public beta, I am thoroughly enjoying Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3. Like others, I usually have my phone on my nightstand and read in bed before falling asleep. I can tell that the Night Shift mode helps my eyes and I am falling asleep faster with my iPhone than with other bright phones.

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