How to Find the Perfect Angle

by admin August 6, 2018 at 10:34 pm

You know those moments when you’re chimping and wonder why that amazing shot that you thought was going to be, well, amazing just isn’t? Your exposure was right – check; white balance – check; aperture – check; shutter – check. Lens… hmm. Let’s see. Lens? Yes, I shot with the right lens. If you are shooting competently and things are still not working out like you would want them to, I have a great piece of advice for you.

There is a tool in your kit that beginners rarely use to full advantage. I’m talking about your feet. At first, they may not seem like critical kit, but let me assure you — they are. And here’s why.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” —Ansel Adams

If you ever have watched a pro shoot, you will notice a common character trait they all share. They move, a lot. They are trying to get their movement and positioning just perfect.

Now we all move and position ourselves when photographing but what a pro knows and you may not, is the exact spot to be for the best shot. (OK – so maybe we can’t all be as elegant as this guy, but you know, just keep it moving).