How I Shot a Photo Assignment in Zero Gravity

by admin August 14, 2017 at 5:29 am

One of the greatest things about photography is the seemingly endless supply of new opportunities and new challenges. No matter how many “new” or “weird” or “difficult” experiences you’ve had as a photographer, you’ve never seen it all, and there’s always something unique about each project.

Last summer, Smithsonian magazine Director of Photography Jeff Campagna contacted me about doing some work on the subject of scientific research conducted in zero-gravity conditions. I’d shot for the magazine previously, and it sounded like an interesting assignment. Little did I know, however, that when everything came together and it was time to do the job in November, I myself would be working in zero-gravity conditions — on the same specially outfitted airplane that director Ron Howard used to film the zero-g scenes in the Oscar-winning film Apollo 13!