Housekeeping: TTAC Takes Juneteenth Off

by admin June 21, 2020 at 8:14 am

Juneteenth. Shutterstock user scoutori

The edict came down from our corporate parent last week: Juneteenth is now an official company-wide holiday.

That means we’ll be off on Friday, June 19th.

As is often the case when we’re off, there may be some pre-written posts that go live. And since not every car company is observing the day, if news breaks and one of us is near a keyboard, we’ll try to catch it and post. I, myself, will spend part of the day learning about a refresh for a particular German sedan (under embargo until the 23rd).

Our weekend posting schedule will likely remain the same, even with Father’s Day being this Sunday.

So, until we’re back full-throttle on Monday, take some time to reflect on the experiences of others, and enjoy Father’s Day, however you may celebrate it during a time of social distance. And if your dad has departed, or you don’t get along, I understand Father’s Day may be fraught for you. In that case, simply have a good weekend and we’ll be back on Monday.

[Image: Shutterstock/scoutori]

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