Here are the best retro console revivals

by admin June 27, 2017 at 1:15 pm

It might not be as portable as other handhelds, but the SupaBoy gives you a SNES you can take on the go.

It even goes one better than the NES Classic Edition by accepting original SNES and Super Famicom cartridges.

Other than the 3.5-inch LCD screen, the SupaBoy is designed to look just like the original SNES pad, while the two front ports are compatible with SNES controllers if two of you fancy playing on it like a regular TV.

The length of the rechargeable battery seems to vary a bit, but you’ll be looking at close to the four hour mark.

While the handheld’s form factor seems convenient, it’s unlikely to be of much use to anyone without some old SNES cartridges lying around. Since the SupaBoy is unlicensed, Hyperkin is unable to include any games as built-in software.

So it’s appeal might be limited, but if you do happen to have a couple of cartridges lying around then you could do a lot worse than trying out the SupaBoy, which can be found on various auction sites for around $80 (£60).

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