Google Search App's Revamped Carousel UI for Recipes Now Rolling Out

by admin February 5, 2017 at 10:34 am

Back in December, it had been spotted that Google was tweaking its search interface to offer users a more refined way to look up recipes. The company is now officially rolling out the update that is sure to give culinary enthusiasts a lot more to cook up.

As and when the new update is made available, Google Search (aka Google app) users will now find advanced suggestions when looking up a particular recipe. A carousal of tappable suggestions will be seen below the search box, offering different versions of the same recipe. So, say you’re looking up chicken wings recipe, hitting the search will then bring up options like ‘honey’, ‘buffalo’, ‘fried chicken’ and more to please chicken wings lovers of all kinds.

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Once you select a particular flavour, you’ll see recipes related to your choice from a number of popular sources with bigger cards that add more information with step-by-step instructions, according to Google’s blog post.

In addition to this, the new Search interface is also meant to help you discover new recipes that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. All of this without having to leave your Google Search page, which is what Google has been aiming for in recent months.

In September, Google was reportedly testing a new interface to make shopping for specific outfits and home décor options easier without having to switch to a different website to purchase.

The new advanced recipe feature is currently being rolled out for Google’s mobile app with no word yet on when the feature will roll out for desktops.

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