Google Photo Books launches in the UK: design physical photo albums in moments

by admin August 21, 2018 at 6:46 pm

It’s been a long time coming for UK photographers, but those waiting for an easy way to turn their Google Photos library into an actual physical collection can finally do so as the Google Photo Books service launches in the UK.

Available on the web, Android and iOS, it lets you quickly put together professional-looking photo books in moments. Starting at £11.99 for 20 page softcover books (and offering hardcover books for £22.99), they don’t require any additional software to design – just access to the Google Photos app on your platform of choice.

Simple selections

Google has designed the service to work as simply as possible, making use of tagged photo data and image recognition systems to automatically suggest inclusions for your final tome.

It can suggest images from the same location or time period, lay out shots in a smart design, and even automatically remove low quality or duplicate images from your library. 

You can then fine tune any layouts manually, with Google saying the whole process from starting a collection to placing an order can be completed in “minutes.” Visit your Google Photos profile to try it today.

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