Google Is Pushing Pixel Smartphone Pre-Order Ads to Its Home Page

by admin November 29, 2016 at 11:20 pm

Google unveiled the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones at its Made by Google event and launched it first in the UK, Germany, Australia, the US, and India. In India, the pre-orders have begun on Flipkart and the devices are expected to be shipped starting October 25. In Australia, the smartphones were expected to be shipped next week, but carrier partner Telstra has already begun shipping the smartphones to pre-ordered customers. Furthermore, Google has also been aggressively pushing ads of the smartphone on its home page.

Telstra users are now posting pictures and videos of the phone confirming that they have already received their Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL smartphones. A much cited early shipping post was by Reddit user wooparse, who is now running tests on the smartphone and posting them online.

In the meanwhile, the tech giant is levering its extensively used search engine to push Pixel ads to reach more users. Many users see a pop-up when visiting the Google home page on mobile or destop asking them if they want to pre-order the Pixel phones. Clicking on ‘Yes’, redirects them Made by Google page, from where they can click the pre-order link, and then be taken to the Google Store page (or in the case of India, a list of retailers including Flipkart is shown) where the Pixel smartphones are listed.”)}(“datalayer”,”z9f2640b1-0322-4dc9-abe1-678b1b8037e1″,true, 1 , 1);This doesn’t happen always, and shows up only for users in the countries where the smartphones have launched. However, it is quite widespread and the advertisement shows up on mobile as well as desktop. Talking about ads, Google has also released two new video ads for its Pixel smartphones and you can watch them below.