Google IO 2018 live blog: here's the latest from Google's big conference

by admin May 8, 2018 at 3:56 pm

Welcome to our live blog of Google I/O 2018. This annual meeting of the minds is primarily about teaching developers best practices, but it also serves as the launchpad for a ton of exciting announcements – stuff we can expect to see from Google within the next year. 

There’s sure to be a load of info shared on Android P and AI (and lots of it). But will we also see new phones, tablets, VR/AR headsets and self-driving cars? There’s only one way to find out – so stay tuned!

(8:41am PST) We’re now seated inside of the venue well ahead of the 10am starting time of the keynote. 

Now is a good a time as ever to smell the roses, take a nice breath and prepare oneself for the deluge of information coming our way soon.

(8:00am PST) – We’ve made our way into Shoreline Amphitheater here in Mountain View, CA. The sun is out and I’ve applied the correct amount of sunscreen to protect myself from it, as well as the burn of these fire-hot announcements…hopefully.  

I’m here with Michelle Fitzsimmons, who as a native to this part of the US definitely takes this beautiful weather for granted. As an East coaster myself, I’m gobbling it up.

We’re being told that we’ll begin queuing shortly to head into the amphitheater. We’ll provide an update once we’re inside.

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