Google I/O 2017 Biggest Takeaways: Android O, Android Go, Daydream VR, Assistant, Photos, And Home

by admin July 29, 2017 at 1:47 pm

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Google kicked off its I/O 2017 conference strong, announcing how Assistant, Daydream VR, Photos, Home, Android O, and Android Go will be moving forward. 
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Google’s stage during its I/O 2017 conference was the hotbed of technological innovations, with the company showcasing a ton of its achievements.

Arguably, the biggest highlight of the event is in the field of artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality, but those aren’t the only important takeaways, as Android and Photos stole part of the spotlight too.

Google Assistant Will Be Everywhere, Including Your iPhone

Assistant is making its way to practically everywhere in the foreseeable future along with new skills to boot, thanks to the voice assistant’s software development kit or SDK. That basically means it’s safe to expect to see the AI software in anything that’s smart.

Speaking of “anything that’s smart,” it’s also invading its competitor Siri’s personal space, heading to the iPhone as a standalone app. However, it won’t respond to the wake-up command “OK Google” or activate via the home button. Instead, users will have to manually open the app.

Interestingly enough, previous reports called this development right before the I/O 2017 conference kicked off. What’s more, Assistant is getting a new ability with Lens, allowing it to analyze objects and surroundings. For instance, pointing a smartphone’s camera at a building will bring up more info about it.

Google Home Learns To Take Phone Calls And Support Bluetooth Music Streaming

Instead of unwrapping a new piece of Home hardware to compete with Amazon’s growing speaker lineup, Google is making its device smarter, more or less turning it into a phone.