Google India's Web Rangers Contest Is Aimed at Promoting Internet Safety

by admin November 27, 2016 at 11:08 am

Google India on Tuesday launched the second edition of the “Web Rangers” contest, saying it was an effort to promote and educate the youth about staying smart, safe and savvy online.

The “Web Rangers” contest is open to students across the country in the 10-17 year age group.

“The ‘Web Rangers’ contest is a platform to enable young adults to become good digital citizens and empower their friends and families to have a safer and meaningful digital experience,” said Sunita Mohanty, Director (Trust and Safety) at Google.

The competition aims to encourage young people in schools and communities to highlight the importance of internet safety and being good digital citizens.

“Students across the country are invited to create, innovate and submit their creative ideas in various categories in the form of entries ranging from a comprehensive internet safety campaign, to a project involving a video, website, app or even design a poster to educate and spread awareness around digital safety,” Mohanty added.

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