Google Expands Project Fi Coverage To Over 170 Countries

by admin February 16, 2018 at 10:14 pm

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Google’s Project Fi is now available on 170 countries, indicating that the service nearly covers major locations around the world. Despite the expanded reach, Google assured there will be no fee adjustments. 
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The always-expanding Project Fi multi-network cellular service now covers 170 countries, but Google has assured that the usage fees will largely remain the same.

The latest coverage expansion increased Project Fi’s reach from the 135 locations worldwide that were previously covered. At the rate Google’s mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service is going, it could be that soon enough Project Fi will make its presence felt in nearly every corner of the planet.

More importantly, the newly announced upgrade will thankfully not see adjustments to the detriment of subscribers, as usual the case for most network service providers. Project Fi, according to Google, will not increase on its charging rate nor shave off on the data, SMS, and call allocations that customers already enjoy.

“These 170+ destinations covered in Project Fi’s network include the same great benefits, including free texts and data,” the company said on the service’s official page.

Project Fi At Work

The free text applies on all packages, which currently offers the Google Pixel and the Moto X4 as supported handsets, and the service is absolutely free no matter where the SMS is sent or received. This plainly is Google’s MVNO facility working its magic.

In addition, voice calls made from the listed countries will be charged the usual, at only $0.20 per minute. The data usage rate will also go untouched, which at present is set at $10 per GB consumed.

Google also highlighted the fact that with Project Fi, subscribers will not overspend on their mobile device usage, thanks to the Bill Protection system. This will take effect once, for instance, a customer has reached the preset data cap that, for personal accounts, stands at $60 per month.

When the feature kicks in, Google’s generosity will also come into play. Data consumed past the threshold will be free of charge, the company said.

Extra Features

Project Fi is also integrating notification alerts with the service that will work in tandem with Gmail. If, for example, a user’s email account contains messages from an airline company, the service will issue an advisory if the country of destination has Project Fi coverage and the existing rates on network connection.

To be clear, though, Google’s MVNO will not ensure that one is insulated from incurring hefty fees on international calls. The charge will surely rack up without close monitoring on minutes consumed when traveling overseas.

To avoid such a scenario, Google recommends connecting to Project Fi via Wi-Fi where and when applicable, as all features of the service will remain available. This is helpful too in countries or locations where the MVNO is yet to be rolled out.

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