Google Clips Camera Preorders Begin: Everything To Know About $249 AI Camera

by admin January 28, 2018 at 8:59 pm

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Google started taking preorders for its smart AI camera, the Google Clips. However, customers who bought the $249 camera will not see the product until late February. 
( Elijah Nouvelage | Getty Images )

In October 2017, Google revealed its small AI-powered camera known as the Google Clips and now, the device is officially on sale.

The tech company hasn’t revealed much about the device but it did begin taking preorders quietly for the Google Clips on Saturday, Jan. 27. The price of the device is $249 and will be shipped for free.

The hype for the device has met expectations and unfortunately, users are currently being directed to a waitlist. When joining the waitlist, customers will be notified via email when the device is available again. Reports say that those customers who placed a  preorder for Google Clips saw delivery dates set on Feb. 27 to March 5.