Google Chromecast Ultra Gets Discounted In US, Now $59

by admin April 11, 2017 at 1:58 am

If you have been looking to buy the Chromecast Ultra from Google, then you can avail a discount on the product on several retailers.

The Google Chromecast Ultra, which was launched in October 2016, is capable of streaming 4K video and also display HDR quality picture. The device originally cost $69 but is now discounted by $10 on Best Buy, Target, B&H and the Google Store.

The Google Chromecast Ultra which can stream 4K video has gone on sale in the U.S. Consumers can now pick up the device for $59 instead of $69. 
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How To Buy

If you are looking to benefit from this ongoing offer then you can buy the Chromecast Ultra from any of the following.

Google Store

The Google Store is of course offering the discount on the product right now. You can pick it up from its own site for $59.

Best Buy

The retailer is now offering the Chromecast Ultra at the discounted rate of $59 as well. It has also thrown in free shipping to sweeten the deal.

You can purchase the device from Best Buy’s online store.


Target stores are also offering the deal but if you want to get it from here then you would need to pay around $62 including tax.

Consumers can also save $15 when they purchase the Chromecast Ultra along with Google Home.

“Save $15 when you buy both a Google Home and a Google Chromecast, a Chromecast Ultra or a Chromecast Audio streaming device together. Add both Google Home and Chromecast items to cart to receive discount. Discount will be applied at checkout. Quantities limited. May not be applied to previous orders. If the qualifying item in your order is returned, refund value will be reduced by the prorated discount amount of the item. Offer expires 4/1/2017 at 11:59pm PT,” notes Target’s offer.


This online retailer also provides consumers the deal on the Chromecast Ultra and is offering it for $59 as well.

Limited Period Offer

The Google store is showing that the offer on the Chromecast Ultra will end on March 4 and it seems likely that the offers will end for the other retailers as well after this date. So, it is advisable that potential buyers hurry up and place an order. Regardless of its price, it cannot be disputed that the Chromecast Ultra has introduced new technology and innovation with regard to streaming 4K quality videos on the go.

The design of the Chromecast Ultra is similar to the Chromecast. It is shaped like a hockey puck that sports the ‘G’ logo for Google. It comes with a HDMI cable attached to it which can be used to connect the Chromecast Ultra to the television when the user wants to stream videos on their televisions.

Apart from the 4K video and HDR, the Chromecast also houses some attractive specifications. The device comes with an Ethernet port where cable can also be connected if users so choose. However, even on Wi-Fi, the Chromecast Ultra is at least 1.8 times faster than the standard Chromecast.

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